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Makweja Rutstito Foundation is a new organization that was created to help women in our communities both here at home and around the world.  New Immigrants will always continue to face more challenges when they first arrive here in Canada, please contact us today and let us know how we can help you.  
Women and children will always remain the most vulnerable in our communities, but, the elderly need our support now more than ever before.  If you need help to pick up groceries or just want someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to call us.  
If you are in an abusive relationship and have no family or friends to help, please contact us.   
We are Women supporting Other Women through hard times, and good times, but, especially at this time as we are all dealing with the coronavirus.  
Please don’t suffer alone, we are here for you.  
The Rustito Makweja Foundation is in honor of Lillian Makweja O’Brien’s parents. Lois Rustito Makweja was a woman of faith and loved in the community, and remembered with much love.  Her father, Amos Pedzisayi Makweja moved to Zambia with only his mother Elizabeth and his siblings from Zimbabwe during the civil war.  He worked hard and built a life for him and his family in Zambia.  Lillian’s parents both passed away.
Poverty is hard to look at it in the face, and Africa is facing one of its worst challenges as most areas had a drought since 2018. Some areas have received some rain, but, only to bring flooding.
We need money for Microfinance so that the women in these areas can be able to buy seeds and tools to work their land.   We have calculated that with US$100.00 for each woman, it is enough to get them started and grow food for sale for their consumption.  Some areas are so dry that, water wells are desperately needed for irrigation.  Without water, they can’t grow anything.
As you can see for yourselves in the photographs, the schools have no desks for the students.  The teacher has no desk either, but, they still want to make a difference even without the basic supplies.  The students need stationery, desks, water wells, and sanitation.  Students are in need of everything, and some of you have children of your own and do everything possible to make their experience while attending school a great one.  We will ship containers with all you donate, and tax receipts are available for all cash or donations.

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Rustito Makweja Foundation
Rustito Makweja Foundation
Rustito Makweja Foundation

We realize that we can’t eradicate poverty around the world, but, each one of us has a responsibility to help those going without even one meal a day.

Our Cause

When you buy some of the jewelry, you are making it possible for us to employ and train women and girls. When we Empower Women, we support communities. Girls can be inspired to finish school and go on to universities. Traditionally girls are never given the same opportunity to go to school or university, boys are given that choice. Let us get more women training in special skills so they can send girls to school.

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